Product Features

Campaign Manager

A simple, but efficient system that allows you to effectively coordinate your efforts in marketing without all the hassle.

Responsive Email Builder

One of modern email’s big points is responsiveness; that is displaying optimally on phones, tablets, and desktops. We make effective use of this by providing a highly intelligent and ever adapting email builder for you.

Comprehensive Targets Database

As a general rule, prospect databases are most effective when they are part of a comprehensive marketing database. Combining prospects with customers and inquirers, by utilizing our target lists, provides the 360-degree view required for tactics and strategies.

Unlimited Reach

VS Marketing gives you the ability to track and develop as many campaigns as you like and helps you to convert more prospects into customers.

VS Marketing

Establishing pathways between you and your customer.

Efficient Campaign System

VS Marketing comes with a simplistic approach to creating campaigns in order to save the user time and give peace of mind. This hassle free campaign system comes with multiple platforms that the user can access depending on the type of campaign they wish to make, as well as being able to edit the campaign at any time.

Masterful Email Builder

Our email builder allows great flexibility in allowing our users to develop their own unique templates. This ensures that the user can decide and choose what’s best for their customers. The almost limitless variety that comes with our integrated email builder automatically assures that any situation can be tackled. The user can also save and edit the templates they create so they can be sent or tweaked over and over again.

Comprehensive Target Database

VS Marketing also comes with an integrated Target Database, that allows the user to save, import, and or export their customer database onto the system. The user can establish multiple target lists, each with different or the same customers depending on the situation and what they are trying to market.

Collaboration Features

VS Marketing also allows users to collaborate on projects, that encompass multiple companies/users.  A user may create a group and if they know another user’s information then that person may send a request to that other user asking them to join the group.

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